Best Yoga Mats and Accessories


Yoga has a great variety of Yoga mats and accessories now available , in some really cool colors and fabric. I started out doing yoga in my own living room, but once I advanced a little more I decided to buy myself a mat, strap, block and stability ball, these are wonderful tools to help you get into the correct positions.


There are so many mats to choose from and from personal experience the cheapest ones don’t last long and they are uncomfortable. Make sure you Yoga may is not too thin and it is long enough .

Some of the best yoga mats can cost as much as $100, but  make sure you check out some of these great value Yoga Mats. Owners say the mat is an incredible bargain, providing the same level of support and cushioning as mats that cost five times as much.

It cushions your feet and gives you stability during some of the stretching moves. This mat is a full 1/4″ thick and provides great cushion for your yoga routines. It is cushiony enough that it supports me in a variety of poses, whether I’m standing, kneeling, laying down, stretching. It is far better than doing yoga on a bare floor.


These are two Yoga accessories you may need to help you get into positions a little easier, I have short arms and trying to get  from downward facing dog  to Warrior is not easy for me and this is where I use my block to help me lift my body up off the floor a little.

  This Yoga Strap & Block Combo  supports your body to make difficult poses more accessible.

The strap can be used to stretch out you poses a little further or you can use it as a resistancy tool, you would be very surprised at how useful this tool is.


I love the stability ball, it lives in the corner of my living room, it’s a great spare chair when kids are around and I pull it out when I am watching TV, this is a must in my house.

Even have one in your office at work, when you need to take 5 minutes away from your computer, it is so relaxing doing a few stretches on the Stability Ball, Your Yoga and Fitness Companion.

Make sure you get the right size ball, when your sitting on it you hips, knees and posture should be at a 90 degree angle. I am going to do a whole section on the benefit of the stability ball with back pain.

Balance Ball Sizing Chart

Height Ball Size
5’0″ to 5’5″ Small: 55cm/22″
5’6″ to 5’11” Medium: 65cm/26″
6’0″ to 6’3″ Large: 75cm/30″