Common Causes for Back Pain


Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

There are many reasons that can cause back ache, we need to learn what can trigger those pins and needles, aches, spasms, and sensations and get medical attention if your pain is long-lasting or intensifies, or doesn’t get better with general pain relievers, and here are some common causes that may affect your back pain.

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

An infection in your urinary system that’s untreated or goes unnoticed can travel upward in your body to your kidneys, causing inflammation, sharp pain, and pressure in your lower back. Reduce your risk of getting a UTI by staying hydrated.

Blood Clots

When you get a cut, scrape, or injury, your blood can coagulate and thicken, forming blood clots that stop you from bleeding out. It’s a necessary function in the body but when blood clots form unexpectedly or as a result of inflammation; it can obstruct blood flow to essential organs and cause blockages in blood vessels.


Smoking can constrict blood vessels, reduce blood flow in the body, and ultimately change the way you react to pain. If you have back pain already, smoking can worsen your symptoms and speed up the degeneration of spinal discs.

Hip or Joint Pain

Pain in your hips and joints is closely related to back pain due to compression, spinal injuries, or bone and tissue deterioration. Consult your doctor if you have symptoms such as night sweats, shooting leg pain, or pain that worsens when you bend or sit down, all signs that point to sciatica.

Breast Size

Larger breasts can cause shoulder and upper back pain and pressure. This type of pain can be managed by exercising the abdominal and back muscles, adopting a cardio routine, and stretching regularly.


If you spend a great part of your day on the computer, your back might be reeling in pain from your poor posture. Set up your workstation strategically, sit upright, or try a standing desk to prevent and ease stress and injury to your back. Your chair must be set at the correct level.

Household Chores

Many household tasks like doing gardening, laundry, mopping, or washing dishes require you to bend at the waist. This creates neck and back strain and literally proves that chores can be a real pain, but they don’t have to be. Avoid bending often and try other positions like bending your knees slightly, moving forward, or squatting to see what works for you.

The Wrong Heel Height

Wearing high-heeled shoes doesn’t just affect your feet but can also hurt your back too. Improper spinal alignment, overarching, and increased pressure can all result from walking in high heels for extended time periods. Switch to low-heeled, more comfortable shoes and mind your posture to relieve excess stress on your back.


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