3 Myths about Back Pain

3 Myths about Back Pain

You’ve probably heard several of these myths spoken as fact. Perhaps you, your friend, or even your doctor has used these personally. To treat back pain, we have to figure out and treat the underlying problem causing the pain.

Myth #1: Being Overweight is a Major Cause of Back Pain images9CDRB48M

Being overweight can contribute to back pain, but in most instances, it’s only a minor cause of it. That’s because the spine and the back muscles are designed to carry the body, small or large. Our muscles may have to work harder to carry and move around extra poundage, but as long as everything is in balance, that extra weight shouldn’t be the major cause of any back pain. While being overweight is usually not the reason a person has back pain, it can create an extra burden for those who do have back problems–making it a little more difficult to exercise and move around when pain strikes.

Myth #2: Back Pain Means Something is Wrong with the Back

People usually think that if they have back pain, their bodies are suffering from some mechanical dysfunction. “Since my body hurts,” they say, “it must mean something is wrong with my body–something with the bones, the muscles, or the soft tissue that connects them.” While this is sometimes, if not often, the case, it’s not the only underlying cause of back pain. Other factors that originate in your mind (e.g., stress levels), as well as your diet (unhealthy foods), can cause severe back-pain episodes, even when there’s nothing wrong with your spine, discs, joints, muscles, or ligaments. These factors also can exacerbate physically caused back pain, making it many times more painful.

Myth #3: The Best Thing for Back Pain is Bed Rest

Severe back pain may constitute the need for limited mobility and bed rest, but in the long run, significant bed rest can actually cause more pain and problems. Faster healing occurs when you take measures to treat the cause. This includes exercise and activities to increase your blood flow, range of motion, and flexibility. Make sure you get your Free 7 Day Back Pain Cure Guide today, there is some invaluable reading, these tree myths are just a sample of what you can get out of this wonderful Back Pain Relief Book


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